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Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott and Martina McBride are my favourite people ever, I love them so much. ♥

"Remember who you are today! Don't let the mirror tell you's what's in your heart that really matters! You are beautiful! Love y'all!" - Hillary Scott (Lady Antebellum)
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Martina McBride almost laughs at the notion she is one of the most feminist singers in country music.

"Well, what would I be singing about? ‘You can go ahead and treat me like (garbage) and I’ll be here for you?’ No one sings about that!" she said.

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And if you got love
You don’t need money
Don’t Cost A Dime by Martina McBride (via leo-is-my-name-please-thank-you)

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Their friendship never ever fails to put the biggest smile on my face. I literally couldn’t love 3 people more. 

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The perfect picture set.
I’m so proud of you three!

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Lady Antebellum - Old Photoshoots (1)

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Lady Antebellum - Old Photoshoots (2)

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Can’t wait for their new single!!! This Tuesday Jan.22 :)